Five of The Best Cafes in Tralee
The Bookshelf Coffee House

Five of The Best Cafes in Tralee

There’s nothing more relaxing than going into a coffee shop and settling in for a lovely brew and a slice of cake. Whether you’re meeting up with friends, going on a date or just fancying some alone time with a book, a cafe is the perfect place. Tralee offers a wide range of cafes and they’re all unique in their own special way. Here is a quick list of 5 of the best cafes in Tralee.

1. The Bookshelf

This beautifully decorated coffee house is light and airy, filling you with comfort the second you walk in. By focusing on the quality of all the products they offer, they can assure their customers that everything they serve is of the highest standards.

The Bookshelf serves award winning filter coffee from The Barn Roasters, Germany

The small but delicious menu sources all the produce locally and their coffee beans come directly from The Barn Coffee Roasters in Berlin. The Barn Coffee was recently voted as the ‘Best Speciality Coffee Roasters in Europe’. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy then I don’t know what will!

2. Yummy Cafe Market

The home away from home you never knew you had, this cafe is all about filling you with comfort with their coffee servings and tastiest delicacies. With a wide range of foods including specialty Gluten Free, Vegetarian and Dairy Free menus, you can bring the whole family here and rest assured there’s something for everyone.

3. The Roast House

A cafe and a restaurant at the same time, you might find yourself going back here for all the time. Ronan and Linda, who have owned and run the business since 2012, are incredibly proud of the coffee they serve– and it’s easy to see why! With beans that are roasted on the premises and food that is sourced and farmed locally, this coffee house doesn’t only serve freshly made coffee and dishes but they’re also helping the small farmers sustain.

4. Mary Anne’s Tearooms

The more leisurely and delicate Mary Anne’s Tearooms is a place simply excellent for catching up with old friends. With an incredible setting, staff that are more than helpful and food and drinks to match everything, you won’t be disappointed with a trip here. The tea and cakes are some of the best in Tralee and the locals frequent this small cafe of a weekend – a true sign of quality!

5. The Daily Grind

Slightly off the beaten track, this cafe is somewhat difficult to find. However, the place is always packed to the rafters with both locals and visitors. The most probable reason why this is so? It all boils down to their service, food and drinks.

Tralee is a town of great cafes, coffee houses and tea-rooms and finding the best of the best can be tricky at times. The above list is a only a selection of a few great ones.However, in terms of actual coffee, none will come close to the best coffee in Tralee served at The Bookshelf Coffee House.

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Paul O'Carroll is the owner of Bookshelf Cork and co-owner of The Bookshelf Kerry. As a barista he is in charge of all things coffee. When he isn't plotting new ways to create amazing new coffee, brunch or dessert ideas, he likes to explore the Wild Atlantic Way of Kerry and Cork. He also writes about what makes these amazing 2 counties special.

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