5 Great Cafes to Get Some Work Done in Tralee
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5 Great Cafes to Get Some Work Done in Tralee

Are you a digital Nomad, person who needs to get some work done while on holiday or simply someone who loves to write while enjoying a the best coffee? Tralee, fortunately, offers a lot of wonderful locations and cafes that have a great amount of space conducive for work. Some of these locations aren’t as well rounded, like one can have free Wi-Fi but can very loud and crowded. So, we have found the top five best places to get some work done in Tralee.

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1. The Bookshelf

What can we say. We are definitely number 1. The Bookshelf is one of best places to work at in Tralee; it has everything you need to focus on working like free Wi-Fi, an amazing atmosphere, and incredible coffee and food. The atmosphere is very calm and offers a great hum of energy. While you work, you can enjoy some of our award winning coffee sourced from the “Best Specialty Coffee Roasters in Europe”, The Barn Coffee Roasters.

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Great big large tables and comfy chairs, perfect for laptops, coffee, books and working together

Our menu are locally sourced and are prepared in a homemade fashion, but moreimportantly it is our large space, high ceilings and great light that offer a wonderful place to read, write and contemplate. There is no doubt that The Bookshelf is the #1 place to do work in Tralee.

2. The Café (Ballyseedy)

The Café is located in the Ballyseedy Garden Centre. This place may seem crowded an noisy but the atmosphere can only be described as airy and relaxed.Not to mention, there is also outdoor seating available for anyone looking forward for some fresh air. The Café offers free Wi-Fi and has an amazing menu that can help anyone while they work.

3. Mary Anne’s Tearoom

Mary Anne’s Tearoom is a very charming café that provides a delightful, calming spot to grab a morning coffee and a seat to do work. This quirky little cafe has an old style interior design and use authentic tearoom cups and dishes. Despite its old-style charm, they still have free Wi-Fi for all your online business needs. Overall, Mary Anne’s Tearoom is a very cute café that has a quiet atmosphere making it a great place to do work in.

4. The Roast House

The Roast House offers good food, good service, and good atmosphere which makes it a great option when looking for a place to do work in. They serve up very classy food and coffee that can give a great boost when working. The staffs are very aware and always do their best to make sure you are enjoying your time. The atmosphere at The Roast House is very laidback, making it a great quiet place to get work done.

5. Yummy Café Market

The Yummy Café Market offers a large café area that provides plenty of quiet areas to do work in and focus. The atmosphere is overall very chill and is not too noisy, allowing you to focus on what you need to do in your work. Not to mention, that the café offers free Wi-Fi so you can work online as much as you need to while also enjoying a nice coffee or meal. They offer some of the best coffee in the area that pair deliciously with their many bakery items.

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