Five Interesting Things to See Along the Wild Atlantic Way of Kerry
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Five Interesting Things to See Along the Wild Atlantic Way of Kerry

Travelling the Wild Atlantic Way along Kerry is the best way to experience Ireland’s rugged, unspoilt beauty.The coastal region is full of beautiful locations that offer views like no other. If you’re planning to add the Ring of Kerry to your Irish itinerary, here are 5 interesting things to see along the Wild Atlantic Way of Kerry.

1. Dursey Island

Dursey Island

Dursey Island is off the west coast of Cork and is only accessible through Ireland’s only cable car. The cable car trip, which takes around 10 minutes, offers an incredible views as you pass over the ocean. Once on the island, enjoy one of Europe’s best sunsets that will make the adventurous cable car trip worth it. Dursey Island is a must visit for anyone looking to make their trip along the Wild Atlantic Way of Kerry more exciting.

Ring of Kerry

2. Ring of Kerry

The Ring of Kerry, or the Iveragh Peninsula, offers some of the best views along the Kerry Wild Atlantic Way. In this region, you are free to explore the many beaches and adore the ring’s natural beauty. In addition, this area is a hub for various outdoor pursuits such as golf, cycling, water-sports, fishing, walks and runs. The Ring of Kerry truly offers a slice of Ireland’s natural and unspoiled beauty.

Ring of Kerry Ireland

3. Geokaun Mountains and Cliffs

The Geokaun Mountains & Cliffs can in Valentia Island offers one of the best 360 degree views of Ireland. On a clear day, you can see Skelligs, Dingle, The Blaskets, the mountains of Kerry, Fogher Cliff, Portmagee and the Atlantic Ocean. You have the choice of walking or driving to the summit to have an amazing view of Ireland. You can find picnic tables that are free to use so that you can enjoy the view while you eat. If you are lucky, you may be able to see some wild goats along your trip to the summit!

Skellig Island on the background

4. Skellig Michael

The Skellig Islands are home to the Skellig Michael, a famous UNESCO World Heritage site. It is the site of well-preserved monastic outpost that dates to the Early Christian period in Ireland. Skellig Michael has 670 handmade steps to the monastery on the summit that one of the best views along the Wild Atlantic Way of Kerry. If you are a Star Wars fan, you will find it interesting to know that with location was used for the final scene in The Force Awakens. Skellig Michael holds some of Ireland’s oldest history and some of its newest which makes it a must visit spot.

dingle kerry

5. The Dingle Peninsula

The Dingle Peninsula is a beautiful stretch of land that is surrounded by a rugged coastline along the Wild Atlantic Way of Kerry. The peninsula offers visitors a breathtaking view from all sides and is a great spot for angling.When finished be sure to stop into The bookshelf Coffee House for the finest COFFEE on the Wild Atlantic Way 🙂

ring of kerry

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