5 Unique Things to Do in Tralee
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5 Unique Things to Do in Tralee

Tralee is one of the best towns to visit in County Kerry and also one of the most popular. Tralee has plenty of sights and attractions to offer to travellers who want to experience a true piece of Irish culture. Here are five unique things to do in Tralee.

1. Kerry County Museum

kerry museum

In order to truly experience and appreciate Kerry, you must visit the Kerry County Museum. The museum teaches visitors the wonderful archaeology and history of County Kerry through various artifacts, hands-on activities and interactive galleries. You will find amazing artifacts such as a medieval brooch that survived 1,000 years in a bog to Daniel O’Connell’s dueling pistols. The Kerry County Museum is the perfect place to explore Tralee’s and County Kerry’s rich history.

tralee aqua dome

2. Tralee Aqua Dome

The Tralee Aqua Dome offers a fun-filled day with its one of a kind water park experience. It is one of the largest water parks in Ireland that incredible features like waves, rapids, rivers, and water slides. The best part is that everything is indoors so you can visit the Aqua Dome anytime regardless of the weather! Not to mention that the Aqua Dome has something to offer for the whole family. The water park section for the kids and the Health and Sauna Suite offers adults a quiet relaxation option.The Tralee Aqua Dome is one of the most fun attractions in Tralee that makes it a must visit spot.

3. Bín Bán Gallery

Also known as “The White Gable’s Gallery”, the Bín Bán Gallery is one of Ireland’s notorious art galleries. The gallery has a prestigious national and international contemporary art program. You will find incredible pieces of art by famous artists such as Rowland Davidson, Percy French, Marie Fallon, Ken Hamilton and Vivienne St. Clair. The Bín Bán Gallery is a must visit for any anyone looking for cultural enrichment while in Tralee.

Siamsa Tíre

4. Siamsa Tíre

If you are looking to experience the culture,Siamsa Tíre is a theatre in Tralee and is the National Folk Theatre of Ireland. The stunning actors and actresses use song, dance, drama, and miming to re-enact aspects of Gaelic culture. They perform various shows every week and year-round so there is always an opportunity to see their one of a kind shows. There is no better way to experience and learn Gaelic culture than by watching performances at Siamsa Tíre.

5. Rose of Tralee

The Rose of Tralee is five-day long festival held in August that centers on a beauty pageant. The beauty pageant celebrates Ireland by only allowing contestants that are Irish women or women who are of Irish descent. Besides the beauty pageant, there is also a gala ball and a “midnight madness’ parade that is led by the winner of the pageant, the Rose of Tralee. The festival then ends with a beautiful firework display that symbolizes the closing of the celebration. The Rose of Tralee is a one of kind cultural experience that can only be found in Tralee.After building up an appetite, come check out the best brunch in Tralee at The Bookshelf Coffee House

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